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 10th-15th   July

Limited availability!

Discounted items:

BMG-2     (1 units available)     Discount £ 145

BMG-3     (1 Unit available)       Discount £ 195

BMGS-1    (3 units available)    Discount £ 135

BMGS-1 Plus  (4 units available)    Discount £ 145

BMGS-2   (3 units available)     Discount £ 195

BMG-5     (2 units available)      Discount £ 195

BMS-7      (1 unit available)        Discount £ 255

BMS-8      (1 units available)      Discount £ 175

BMS-4      (1 unit available)         Discount £ 195

BMS-2 Plus (1 unit available) Discount £500

Asado cross set  (2 sets available)    Discount £ 65

Grill Plancha-mini Asado (2 sets available)  Discount £ 115

Pay First-Get First!



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What we doBM baneris 05-04 new-01

BM BBQ Pit Makers, providing Barbecue Grills, Smokers and Trailer mounted BBQ pits. These pits use wood and charcoal as the fuel source. We make them for residential and commercial use and they are hand crafted by the best welders you will find. Our products are high quality and impressive. We have more than ten years of experience in fabricating BBQ pits. We produce various designs and sizes at affordable prices. We are sure that our pit will fit in to your requirements.