“BM-LFK” Live-Fire Kitchen (asado style)

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 Cooking over a live fire

Cooking can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. The earliest evidence of cooking involves meat and vegetables being roasted over or in fires, a method that still works well over a million years later. Hot embers, the flames, the smokey ambience, the smells and of course, the incredible taste.

Our Live-Fire Kitchen can be used indoors in professional kitchens, outside or on the go for events



This  multifunctional Live-Fire Kitchen setup includes:


Ember maker/Brasero, it’s a fast wood-burning basket for making an embers.

Back wall mesh cooking racks/shelves(3) for slow cooking, warming, to hold pots, skillets, and other kitchenware.


Back wall iron grill/sear grate(1) for searing meat over the wood burning basket by high temperature, etc.


Hanging rod frame at the very top for the hooks to hang meats and vegetables for cooking and smoking on the low temperature.


Meat and vegetables hanging hooks, set of 9 included.

Ash poker to pull the embers under the cooking area, and the grate scraper to clean the V-shape grate (one of each included).


Side and back walls,  works perfectly as a shield from strong winds, prevent blowing ashes away, and saves few degrees on temperature (perfect solution for the cooler climate countries),  made in 5mm thick steel plate.


Hinged front door, it can be used as a front shelf as well when the door is open and gets in horizontal position, also when in open position helps for fast air intake, fast heat up, and higher cooking/grilling temperature.


Sliding grill mechanism,  for low and slow, or a quick-burning sear cooking methods, is all up to you because you’re in complete temperature control with ability to raise and lower the grilling surface with a simple rotation of the grill crank wheel.

Grilling grates on the sliding mechanism is on your choice:

Removable V-shaped grilling grate (full size or two half size, optional)

Removable standard round rod grilling grate (full size or two half size, optional)

Mix of removable grilling grates mentioned above (two half size)


Grilling grate information:

Grilling grates are made in stainless steel (304 grade).

Standard round rod grilling grate (8mm diameter rods)

V-shaped grilling grate:  it’s a traditional sloped Argentine-style angle grill grate with a catch tray. In addition, Argentine Grills are designed to allow close temperature control during grilling, and also channel meat fat and vegetable juices away from the fire to the drip tray, preventing flareups that damage the flavour of the meat.

Two half-length drip trays included (made in stainless steel)


Live-Fire Kitchen features:

Santa Maria style, sliding grill mechanism is easiest and most popular way for fast grilling and slow cooking over the flame.

 A brick-lined floor for firebox floor protection and heat retention.

Mesh shelf/storage at the bottom.

“GN” Gastronorm tray holders at the bottom to store you are prepared meats or vegetables before it goes on the fire, or can keep cooked stuff before serving.

Two small “GN” tray holders on both sides of the grill for sauces or moping brushes, etc.

Two hanging rods on both sides of the unit, to hang BBQ tools, etc.

Crank wheel with the brake handle on the top, for rise and lover grilling grates

Fuel: Wood and charcoal only can be used as a fuel source. Wood offers the best flavour to grilled meats. It also provides optimal heat that lasts longer than charcoal.



Please note that all grates, racks, shelves, brasero are removable and can be replaced/swiped to the other cooking accessories such as:

SMOKING BOX or TWO, can hung instead of shelfs or brasero, fired by wood from underneath of unit, most popular as a fish smoker, can be used for any kind of meat, vegetables, fish, etc. (images coming soon)

SKEWERS, can fit  on the sliding grill mechanism frame instead of grilling grates, on the skewer can do shashlik, shish kebab, vegetable skewers, etc.

SECOND BRASERO, on both sides can fit braseros to make more ambers per time if needed.

PLANCHA / HOT PLATE, for grilling the smash burgers, breakfast, eggs, vegetables, seafood, etc.  instead of the grilling grate(half or full size)

CANOPY/ROOF, for outside use the roof prevents rain, snow, etc.(see last two images)

The ELECTRIC ROTISERIE option is available too, pls contact us for details.

Your imagination is endless, you can come up with other types of hanging hooks, shelves, racks, chains, etc, everyting works perfectly on the life fire.



Live-Fire Kitchen, whether you are a restaurant, hotel, pub, caterer, wedding venue, or backyard cooking enthusiast, the Live-Fire Kitchen really adds a whole new level to what you can give to your customers or family members, freshly cooked BBQ food in front of your customers with the theatre of live fire.




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For EU Countries please visit our EU page here:  www.bm-bbq.eu

Product specification
Unit dimensions 210cm High x 120cmWide x 80cm Depth
Total unit weight: 380KG include 32mm thick fire bricks fitted on the the grill base/floor
All heavy-duty steel plate and square tubing welded construction
The unit mounted on the wheeled heavy duty stand frame
Mesh shelf/storage at the bottom
GN tray holders at the bottom, and small GN tray holders on the sides
Heat resistant paint (black mat)
Easy to use and easy to clean
In Stock !  Delivery take approx. 8-12 working days!

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