BM S-4 reverse flow offset smoker (New, New ,New)

£1,995.00 ex VAT

 The newest BM S-4 it’s a heavy duty ,traditional American reverse flow Smoker NOW with insulated firebox  


                 Charcoal or wood fired for that authentic smoky flavour

The BM S-4  reverse flow offset smoker expands your horizon of barbecuing to introduce the world of slow smoking, with the smoke drawn into the chamber indirectly to ensure the finished product is moist, tender with a rich smokey flavour.  This is truely a unit for the caterers and backyard enthusiast! 



Product specification
Cooking chamber pipe is 60cm in diameter and 120cm long
All new 5mm thick steel plate body with all new components and finished in a heat resistant paint
Insulated fireboxes constructed of 5mm steel plate (internal walls) and 3mm steel plate (external walls) and firebox door made 8mm steel thick (equipped with air dampers)
Firebox door sealed with the fiberglas rope
Firebox includes NEW pull out charcoal basket made of solid steel plate (8mm) and reinforced steel rods 12mm
Firebox equipped with adjustable air intake vents
Cooking chamber includes two 56x95cm pullout food cooking racks
Cooking chamber includes hinged front Stainless Steel shelf
The smoker comes with a bottom shelf made in heavy mesh
Cooking chamber includes stainless steel drip tray(drain) with a ball valve tap
Cooking chamber equipped with stainless steel easy-read temperature gauge
Cooking chamber lid(door) sealed with the fiberglas rope
Cooking chamber comes with removable smoke stack(for easy transportation) mounted from the side of cooking chamber
Smoker mounted on the heavy duty square tubing frame with heavy duty castors wheels (braked)
Overall Dimensions: Length: 160cm; Height: 185cm; Width: 85cm
Gross Weight: 370KG
Cooking chamber dimensions: 120cm x 60cm
Pull out Bottom Rack: 97cm x 57cm
Pull out Upper Rack: 97cm x 47cm
Fuel: Fire wood, Charcoal

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Unit 6, 12 Brunel Road
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Freephone:      0800 772 0172


Unit 6, 12 Brunel Road
Manor Trading Estate
Benfleet, Essex, SS7 4PS
Freephone:      0800 772 0172

Freephone: 0800 772 0172